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“Cost-effective appetite stimulator”

Sweet Plus is a high intensity sweetener designed to deliver cost effective sweetness and pleasant taste to piglet and sow diets.  Its manufacturing process employs the unique Single Matrix Technique resulting to an effective integration of sodium saccharine, natural sweetener and milk flavor into a single matrix.  This technique produces homogenous round-shaped particles with no bitter after taste.  Moreover, this characteristic allows lasting sweetness and masking of bitterness in medicated feeds and also contributes to prevent particle formation in the feed. 
  • Increases feed intake
  • Improves weight gain
  • Masks bitter taste of medicated feeds
  • Dilutes odor in feeds 
Inclusion Rate:

Booster, Pre-starter: 100 grams per ton of feed
Starter: 75 grams per ton of feed
Lactating: 50 grams per ton of feed


5 kg aluminum bag

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