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”Natural Chitosan and Astaxanthin” A natural fermented product that contains chitin, chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharide.  It is processed by microbial fermentation with Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae, Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus acidophillus. It contains natural antimicrobial properties, immune enhancing and toxin binding effects, which results to improved production performance.


  • Increases egg production
  • Enhances egg yolk color
  • Reduces cracked egg rate
  • Controls fatty liver syndrome
  • Counteracts the harmful effects of aflatoxin
  • Counteracts the harmful effects of zearalenone
  • Protects against pathogenic microorganism
Inclusion Rate:

3-5 kilograms per ton of feed


25 kg kraft bag

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