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Start ‘em right with Ig Y POWER
“The next best thing to sow’s milk"

IgY Power is a highly nutritional sow milk replacer for piglets which is composed of highly digestible and balanced nutrients similar to sow’s milk.  It is made from specially selected soluble and palatable ingredients with more than 60% best quality milk-based product from Bonilait Proteines in France.  It is fortified with Immunoglobulin-Y against enterotoxigenic E. coli (K88, K99, 987 P), PED virus and rota virus.

  • Increases weaning weight
  • Maximizes genetic potential growth
  • Increases number of pigs born alive and reduces mortality
  • Reduces diarrhea occurrence
Inclusion Rate:

For suckling and weaned piglets:  Mix 150g of IgY Power with 1 liter of water.


2 kg polyethylene bag

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