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“Format's New Century™”

Format’s New Century™ formulation software uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver powerful, rapid and accurate computations delivering solutions to the complex problems posed by modern, cost-constrained product manufacture.

These programs are capable of operating across multi-sites, multi-products and multi-time periods.  This not only suits them for use by large international and national manufacturers, but also for regional and local producers where their versatility incorporates the use of area specific ingredients, product or market needs.

New Century™ software provides sophisticated tools that are easy to use – full Windows™ software with context sensitive help allowing ready access by new and experienced staff.  Usability is further enhanced by the software’s ability to be presented in any character-based language and in some pictographic languages too.

The software tools

New Century™ software comprises a range of products that fall into two main categories:  Optimization/Evaluation and Formula and Recipe/Administration.All New Century™ programs can be interfaced with other third party management systems such as accounts and sales administration packages, using the tool-kit supplied as standard. http://www.formatinternational.com
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