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“Boost the value of feeds…Gain the extra performance”
Endonase is an enzyme complex developed by Esys Bioferm, a joint venture between Easy Bio System and GNC Bioferm of Canada. It contains high enzymatic activities of α-galactosidase, galactomannanase, xylanase, and β-glucanase that are capable of digesting anti-nutritional factors present in raw materials such as corn, soybean meal, copra meal, and wheat. Therefore, it improves the digestion of nutrients resulting to improved performance of animals.
  • Digests more substrates and eliminates more anti-nutritional factors (ANF’s) in feeds.
  • Reduces feed cost by increasing the nutrient availability of feed ingredients.
  • Improves production performance and feed conversion efficiency.
  • Reduces feed cost by enabling greater flexibility in least cost feed formulation.
  • Guaranteed high enzyme activity even at high pelleting temperatures and low ph levels.
Inclusion Rate:

Recommended Inclusion rate:
Hogs: 100 – 200 grams per ton of feeds
Layers: 100 grams per ton of feeds
Broilers: 200 grams per ton of feeds
Shrimp and Fish: 300 – 500 grams per ton of feeds

Recommended Inclusion rate:
Hogs: 0.5 – 1.0 kilograms per ton of feeds
Layers: 0.5 kilograms per ton of feeds
Broilers: 1.0 kilograms per ton of feeds
Shrimp and Fish: 1.5 – 2.5 kilograms per ton of feeds


Endonase: 5 kg aluminum bag
Endonase Plus: 25 kg kraft bag


“For diets with high amounts of wheat”

High potency enzyme product intended for poultry or piglet diets high in wheat. It contains double concentration of xylanase and sufficient beta-glucanase, which rapidly degrades xylan and beta-glucan released during the digestion of wheat and other cereals high in non-starch polysaccharides, resulting to maximized flexibility in feed formulation.
  • Enhances the nutritional value of wheat-based diets
  • Improves weight gain and feed conversion efficiency
  • Inactivates anti-nutritional factors such as xylans and glucans
Inclusion Rate:

125 grams per ton of complete feed


5 kg aluminum bag

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