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Boar Powermax
“Add power to your boar!”
A potent supplementary diet in cookie form, especially designed to improve boar productivity

Fortified with:


  • Necessary in the energy metabolism of sperm
  • Essential in fatty acid oxidation in the body and maximizes energy efficiency

Organic Minerals and Functional Fatty Acids

  • Stimulates reproductive hormones to maintain high libido
  • Protects sperm cells from free radicals

Natural Antioxidants

  • Prevents oxidative attack on sperm
  • Preserves semen quality
  • Add more libido and stamina
  • Improves sperm quality
  • Increases semen production
  • Prolongs economic life
  • Relieves stress and maintains body condition
Inclusion Rate:

2 to 4 cookies per boar per day


5 kg polyethylene bag

The complete nutrient supplement for sows…Always a step ahead”
Energizer is a specially designed feed supplement for the improvement of sows’ reproductive performance and growth of suckling piglets.  The optimal combination of multi-enzymes and sweeteners ensures maximization of energy intake of sows.  It is also fortified with organic trace minerals and vitamins for improved performance and immunity. 
  • Minimizes weight loss
  • Maximizes milk production
  • Increases number of pigs born alive and conception rate
  • Increases life span of sows
  • Reduces return to estrus day
  • Increases weaning weight
Inclusion Rate:

Gestating sows: 2 kilograms per ton of feeds
Lactating sows: 3 kilograms per ton of feeds
Grower, finisher: 1-2 kilograms per ton of feeds


2 kg aluminum bag

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