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Easy Bio System, Inc. is a biotechnology-based company leading in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of value-added products such as functional feed additives, animal health and environment-care products.  Since its establishment in March 1988 in South Korea, Easy Bio System has made many outstanding achievements which include the development of Lactoferrin in 1996, adjudged as an outstanding biological product by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.   This product was developed through the company’s unique bioprocess engineering using gene manipulation and fermentation.  In 1998, the company pioneered the world’s first production of chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharide in its creation of Fermkito.  In 1999, it was featured in Business Korea as a pioneer in the biotechnology industry, citing it as “one with no rival in the domestic market”, with the highest level of sales per employee having an average annual sales growth of 40%.  In 2000, it was awarded as the Best Leader Venture by the Business Korea Awards. 

Not content with its existing achievements, Easy Bio System continues to strive to become fully integrated and remain as the leading biotechnology-based company.  For this purpose, the company has invested and ventured into the animal feed and animal production businesses.  Currently Easy Bio System has 4 feed companies having a total of 8 plants.  For its swine production business, it now has a total of six farms with a sow population of 8,250.  It has also expanded its area of distribution, from South Korea to Brazil, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.  In 2002, it established Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. to serve as the launch point of its expansion in South East Asia.  At present, negotiations are being made for the distribution in Vietnam, Malaysia and EU.

Easy Bio System has also maintained close cooperation with the academe with relations in 15 universities, each based on a specific project.  Through this, manpower in the company can be supplemented by the university professors and researchers.  With this also, the company provides funding for university researches and the corresponding results are examined and tested for practical applications.  Results which are in line with the company’s marketing policy are given support.

Easy Bio System has also established partnerships with other leading companies to ensure that they are able to provide the complete solution for their customers.  In 1989, it has obtained an exclusive distribution agreement with Format International of the United Kingdom for its feed formulation software which is used by majority of the multinational companies worldwide.  It has also maintained close business relationship with Genebiotech Co. of Korea, another company leading in the fermentation technology.

Today, the company maintains its commitment to lead and serve the livestock and food industries by providing the best value-added solutions which are biotechnology-based, environment-friendly and performance-proven while adhering to the principles of professional growth, good business ethics and sustainable development.


A. Feed Additive Business:
Easy Bio System is the current leader in the marketing of feed additives in Korea.  Among its line of products are fermentation products, enzymes, organic acids, pigments, organic minerals, protein sources, alternative to antibiotics, environmental care products, nutraceuticals/herbal extracts, and bio safety products.

B. Animal Feed Business

Easy Bio System has, to date, four feed companies with a total of nine plants under its wings.  Combined, it is now the largest feed manufacturer in Korea with a total monthly average production of 100,000 MT.

  • Seoul Feed Co., Ltd., with its 4 plants produces an average of 60,000 MT per month and is the market leader in poultry feeds. 
  • Dodram Bio and Feed Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of swine feeds and produces an average of 27,000 MT per month with its 2 plants.
  • Hee Mang Feed Co., Ltd. having one plant produces an average of 10,000 MT per month of swine, poultry and ruminant feed.
  • Easy Bio System’s Piglet Feed is one of the leading brands of piglet feed and has average monthly sales of 2,000 MT in less than 2 years since its launching in July 2004.
C. Animal Production Business

Woorison Agricultural Corporation was inaugurated in April of 2005 with the aim of becoming the turning point of the Korean Swine Industry which will lead in the integration, branding and environment-friendly production of pork.  It currently has 6 farm sites with a total sow population of 8,250 with a plan to double this figure by the end of 2007.

  • Insitute of Bio Resources was established by Easy Bio System in August 1995 and was tasked to create innovations.  It serves as an educational-industrial complex for collaborative research to gather more external professionals to contribute in the development of future technologies.
  • Esys Bioferm is a joint venture of Easy Bio System and GNC Bioferm in Canada.  Established in August 1999, it has provided the additional manufacturing capacity and the marketing expertise for the expansion of GNC Bioferm’s enzyme products in Asia.

Easy Bio System is the only feed additive company in Korea who is certified by both ISO 9001 and HACCP at the same.
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